VETS BRAND Puppy Small/Medium 2Kg


  • Exclusive use of high quality poultry with substantially higher inclusion of rice and less maize as well as unique Nutraceutical additives, ensures Super Premium products at exceptionally affordable prices.
  • Higher levels of L-Carnatine, allows for sustained energy release that prevents potentially fatal drop of blood glucose level in small and toy breed puppies whilst ensuring healthy growth and development.
  • The addition of unique Nutraceutical additives, stimulates maximal immunity and cognitive development thereby ensuring effective vaccination and intelligence.
  • High quality imported Beet pulp fibre guarantees optimal digestion with small firm stool formation and the stimulation of the growth of beneficial digestive bacteria.
  • Specific small shaped kibble size and specialized formulation with exceptional high levels of super premium imported digested protein palatability enhancers ensure exceptional palatability for even the fussiest puppies.
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