Handbag Training Refill 120g


This refill of delicious beef treats is a winner for all dog breeds and for convinience. These bite-sized droëwors, puppy chew and liver biltong will replenish your stock and come packaged in a handy jar. It is ideal to keep in your glove comportment, handbag, etc for an on-the-go treat. The Pet Elite’s range of treats and nibbles are high in protein, made from all natural ingredients, and are grain- and wheat-free. The entire range of treats are produced locally using only the best quality ingredients that contain no artificial flavourants or colourants. It is vital to give your dog chewing treats because they are beneficial to your dog’s dental health. These treats will also exercises the muscles from jaw to tail. Whether it’s a treat during behavioural training or for a job well done at playtime, or an after-dinner snack, your dog will love this chewy treat.

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